Roe Deer Project - Day 1

30 December 2014

I decided to start a project with photographing my local Roe Deer, which began this morning. To be honest I didn't really expect to come away with any shots today, thinking it was going to be more of a watching you/watching me session.

When I first arrived at the field I had seen them before whilst out with the dog there were three doe "female" which soon spotted me and walked further away.

I decided to move into the woodland next to the field, however this was a bit of a mistake as with the frosty underfoot you could probably hear the crunches a mile away.

I soon moved back down to the path that goes parallel to the field and woodland when I looked up to a high point on my right and spotted a buck "male" looking down at me. Even though there wasn't much light looking up at him, I decided to take a couple of shots as I thought it would be my only catch of the day, and would be a decent 'record' shot.

Further down the track I decided to go up into the trees, and after a little while I spooked another male further down, which ran into the field, so I headed down into the field also and set up the camera on my tripod.

From my reading beforehand, they will either run away from you, or become inquisitive, and luckily for me this one was the latter. He wandered back and forth (left to right) of my position, stopping and looking straight at me. The main downside for me was my position as there was some long grasses between us at times (as seen in the third and forth images). I must have spent a good 10 minutes with him before he decided he had enough and wandered off further down the field.

Winter roe deer buck

I think this is a pretty good first encounter for me, especially as I was going to be happy just to see and watch them, with the first two images here being not too bad even if I say so myself (and I am my own worst critic).

Keywords: roe, deer, buck, mammal, nature, wildlife, winter, frost

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