Jetboil MicroMo

26 July 2017

If you read my article My Camping/Photography Equipment, you would have seen that at the time it comprised of four pieces of equipment: The cooking kit, gas canister, stove and windshield. After posting a link to this article on my Facebook page, I had a comment from a fellow photographer who mentioned he used the Jetboil system. I had previously considered purchasing a Jetboil however it seemed quite expensive compared to that of my current. However, after looking into it further and checking out reviews on websites and YouTube, I decided to bite the bullet and purchased a MicroMo.

There are quite a few different Jetboil products to go for, and I was instantly drawn the the Flash Lite, due to its weight. However, after further research and looking at my requirements (or potential future requirements), I decided to purcahase the MicroMo, which along with a gas canister would save me 108g over the set up I was currently using.

Now, I didn't just spend £110 to save 108g of weight, although it certainly was one of the factors in my choice. If used with Jetboils Jetpower gas canisters, the gas should last longer compared to that from other manufacturers, which should hopefully mean a long term cost saving. The Jetpower gas is also made up of a high-performance propane/isobutane four-season blend, meaning that it operates better at lower temperatures. Then there is the boiling time, which when using the Jetpower gas, you can boil 0.5 litres of water in a little over two minutes. Also, the way the Jetboil is constructed should mean that there is no more need for carrying a windshield.

The main reason I chose the MicroMo over the Flash Lite was that the MicroMo has a fuel regulator, meaning that you have full control over fuel flow, should you wish to cook something which requires simmering.

When ready to pack in your rucksack, the Jetboil MicroMo looks like this.

On taking the lid off, you can now see the 100g canister also fits inside.

Taking the other pieces out and removing the bottom cover which doubles as a measuring cup and bowl, you can see the compactness of this set up.

Finally, the MicroMo has been put together and is ready for use.

First Impressions

I haven't done another overnight camp yet, so the MicroMo hasn't been used out in the wild, however I did take it outside of my house, conducted a test boil using the amount of water that would be required for one of my Adventure Food meals, and the water was boiled in no more than thirty seconds. A pretty good first test I think - hopefully I will be able to use it for real soon.

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