Not Close Enough

4 January 2015

This afternoon I headed down Danes Dyke to see what Day 2 of the Roe Deer project would bring me. First, I think that weekends may be a bad time to come here as the car park was nearly full, with people were enjoying the winter sunshine.

My initial thoughts were that due to the amount of people, that the deer would be hiding, however this was not the case.

I entered the field via the exit road where there was no sight of any deer, however as I got to the woodland area that separates the two fields I could see three deer grazing next to the woodland. Not wanting to spook them I decided to set down the tripod and wait and see if they would move more into the open. Unfortunately I was hindered by long grasses so couldn’t really see them, however after 20-30 minutes I noticed them wandering into the woodland.

I waited another 10 minutes and decided to see if they were on the first side of the field, however this was not the case, so I went back round and made my way into the woodland. I could see them down the other end, and as I was making too much noise due to the amount of branches on the woodland floor decided to set down the tripod and simply observe.

Roe deer doe in woodland

After 15 minutes it looked as if they were heading back out to the field, so I exited the wood, and went back round the other side of the field where I spotted them at the edge of the trees. They either didn’t see me initially or were fairly relaxed by the distance I was away from them as they continued to graze.

I got as close as I felt I comfortably could however this was still not close enough for any good photos. The adult male started to head out toward the field so I got up and moved to a new position. He noticed me and after a little while just lay down, however again I couldn’t get any closer as I didn’t want to spook them so decided that I should leave them be and headed back to the car park.

Keywords: roe, deer, mammal, nature, wildlife, winter, doe

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