Roe Deer Project - Day 3

14 January 2015

I had what I would consider a rather fruitful day today with the roe deer. It was another cold night causing a little frost this morning, so I headed out just before sunrise. On arriving at my location I decided to walk down the entrance road, and as I headed out of the car park I spotted a deer grazing on the higher woodland area; which wasn’t really bothered by my presence.

As I headed up onto the path that runs parallel to the road, I noticed a couple of deer in the distance, so rather than chase them off I went back down to the road and walked along that. As I go to the end of the road I went back up onto the path, where I spotted a doe to my right. I think I must have surprised her as she was standing there frozen in position as I walked on by.

A little further on I decided to climb the banking to enter the field, and upon reaching the top I was at the edge the woodland which I believe the deer regularly use. There were none around so I proceeded down the hill and through the wood to the field where I decided to set up the camera/tripod and sit and wait.

As I was setting up I could here a commotion in the wood and two bucks came running through, one continuing on by me, however the second must have become startled by my presence so turned round.

Sitting at the edge of the field waiting for some activity I could here a screeching which I thought must have been a barn owl, and around 10 minutes later, sure enough, a barn owl flew across the field towards the box.

After around 50 minutes of sitting/waiting in the field I was rewarded with a doe, and what I guess were two of her offspring. They didn’t notice me at first, however as soon as the camera shutter started firing they instantly looked in my direction.

The mother was more interested in my presence as she faced me, and at one point started raising her front legs - I am not sure if this is a sign of aggression.

Roe deer doe

After what felt like a couple of minutes of moving back and forth she suddenly made a leap into the air, however I failed to capture a sharp image of this (which could have been a cracker).

After a few more minutes of photographing the three of them, they decided to continue over the field and into the distance.

Roe deer doe and offspring

A little while later I spotted a couple more deer on the other side of some long grasses, however they failed to come any closer, and headed into the woodland. With this I decided it was time for me to move on as I didn’t want to stop the deer coming into this part of the failed to graze, so got up and headed down the field towards the road.

It was then that I spotted a deer lying down in the trees, however as I placed the tripod down on the ground it got up and the three deer with it (which must have been the mother and offspring from earlier) started to move into the trees.

It was at this point that I decided they had had enough of me, and I didn’t want to continue to disrupt them any longer so turned round and headed back to the car with what I thought would be a reasonable amount of images from the morning.

Keywords: roe, deer, mammal, nature, wildlife, winter, doe

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