Taking Flight

29 January 2015

I was hoping that we would had some overnight snow as I headed out to Danes Dyke this morning, however that did not materialise. Today I decided to sit in the side of the field that has the owl box, as the sun appears there first.

A fair bit of cloud covered the sun to begin with, so light levels were low, and after about 10 minutes the barn owl came into view which caught me by surprise. I managed to fire off a few frames, however the results were not very good, with it either being rather small in the frame, or in the wrong position and not sharp (next time maybe).

Again, like the previous session, after 50 minutes I had an encounter with the deer, as two bucks came from my right. Unfortunately they didn’t hang around for long, however I did manage to get one of them taking flight, which I am more than happy with.

Roe deer doe taking flight

Keywords: roe, deer, mammal, nature, wildlife, winter, doe

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