Frustration Leads To Elation

10 August 2015

There are a few particular roe deer images/compositions that I would like to capture, however of course it has to be a case of the subject being in the right place, and/or at the right time (depending on the required outcome).

On particular composition I have been wanting is whereby the roe is in the "lane" that separates two fields. On my local roe deer patch, I have seen them, and on one occasion so far this year, photographed them, in a field containing wild flowers. Next to that field there is wheat currently growing, and between these two fields is a such a lane which you can walk down (just).

After neglecting the roe deer in favour of seascape shots recently, I decided to head out this morning to see what I could find. I guess my neglect has "born of frustration" - yes I am a James fan from days gone by. This frustration has come from not being able to photograph, or even seeing the deer whilst out with the camera. I do however realise that you can't always expect to come back with images on your memory card, and it is with that, that I intend on putting more time into trying to get the images I am after.

Anyway, back to this morning, and my frustration lead to elation, when everything pretty much came together, and I managed to photograph a roe deer buck in the lane between the wild flower and wheat fields.

As I headed down towards these fields I spotted the buck in the field of wild flowers. On doing so, I instantly stopped and crouched down, even though I was still some distance away. After five minutes or so of walking through long grasses, thistles and nettles, I made it to the field I spotted the buck in. Initially I couldn't see him, and thought that maybe I made too much noise walking through the grasses.

It wasn't long before I spotted him among the wild flowers, and he was totally oblivious to my presence. Unfortunately, however, he appeared to be walking away from me, so I decided to chance it and started walking down the lane between the two fields; again stopping every so often.

He then disappeared again as some of the wild flowers are taller than he is. I continued to look for him through the camera, when I spotted him also in the lane, and he was headed in my direction. My heart started beating faster as I really didn't know what to do now, so simply decided to stay put. Again, he was totally oblivious to my presence as he was walking and eating, so had his head down a lot of the time. Then all of a sudden his head came up and there we were staring at each other.

Now, what happens next, may or may not have been the right thing to do, however not wanting to miss the shot, I decided to press the shutter, and fired off two frames. It was with that, that he decided to make a run for it and headed back into the wild flower field. He did stop briefly among the wild flowers, so I managed to fire off a couple more frames before he disappeared off into the distance.

Shortly after that I spotted another buck staring at me from the other side of a barbed wire fence, which separates the wild flower field and a field which is now taken up with hay bales. This one pretty much started running straight away, and could be heard barking as he made his way into the distance.

Summer roe deer buck

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