Pair Of Young Roe Deer

Pair Of Young Roe Deer

Nr. Bridlington, East Yorkshire - 14 January 2015

Continuing my roe deer project, I sat on the edge of a field for around 50 minutes, and was rewarded with the appearance of a doe and her two offspring.

The session lasted around 6 minutes, giving me some nice portrait shots on a cold January morning.

Here we have the two young roe which were very relaxed by my presence, compared to the mother who understandably was a bit more weary.

Focal length:700mm


Exposure time:1/100 sec


Reference: NH172

Size (inches)Price

11 x 7£30.00

12 x 8£35.00

16 x 10.5£40.00

18 x 12£45.00