Morning Twilight At Bempton Cliffs

Morning Twilight At Bempton Cliffs

RSPB Bempton, East Yorkshire - 12 April 2015

There is something special about watching the scene take on a blue hue during the twilight hour, which is either a hour before or after sunset.

I feel it lends itself well to seascape long exposure images, as the smoothed out water takes on a blue hue as well as the sky.

On this occasion there was a nice amount of cloud in the sky, which has moved enough during the 30 second exposure to give a nice effect to the sky.

Focal length:50mm


Exposure time:30 sec


Filters:Lee 0.6 ND Grad Hard

Reference: NH203

Size (inches)Price

7 x 11£30.00

8 x 12£35.00

10.5 x 16£40.00

12 x 18£45.00