The Caul And Devorgilla Bridge (Dumfries) At Twilight

The Caul And Devorgilla Bridge (Dumfries) At Twilight

Dumfries, Scotland - 23 April 2015

The River Nith runs through the town of Dumfries, South West Scotland. This photograph shows the caul, which is the step in the river, where during the day you can see many gulls standing on catching fish and eels as they swim down river.

Behind the caul is the Devorgilla Bridge which is lit up as the last of the light disappears.

Taken around 30 minutes after sunset I have captured this scene during the twilight hour which provides a nice blue tone to the scene.

Focal length:24mm


Exposure time:30 sec


Filters:Lee 0.6 ND Grad Hard

Reference: NH215

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