Roe Doe Running Through Red Campion

Roe Doe Running Through Red Campion

Nr. RSPB Bempton, East Yorkshire - 23 May 2015

Having had no luck with the roe deer here in the morning, I returned in the evening to see what was around.

Initially having sat waiting in the long grass, nothing appeared, so I took some shots of the campion.

However, as I started to walk back through the field, I spotted a pair of ears among the campion.

Stopping and getting down low I edged forward, and noticed that this doe had her back to me, and was more interested in a pair of walkers on the main path.

As they got closer she decided to make a move and started to run through the campion, allowing me to capture this action shot.

Focal length:700mm


Exposure time:1/400 sec


Reference: NH269

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