Flamborough Coastline

Flamborough Coastline

Thornwick Bay, Flamborough - 24 June 2015

From Thornwick Bay in Flamborough, there is a small archway, where at low tide you can clamber over the large rocks and get through.

Once through the archway you are treated to a marvellous amount of photo opportunities looking down the Flamborough coastline, or more intimate details.

Taken twenty minutes before sunrise, there are some nice soft colours in what clouds there were on this particular morning. As the light levels are still quite allow, this has allowed a slower shutter speed, which has created some nice texture in the water around these rocks.

Focal length:24mm


Exposure time:1.6 sec


Filters:Lee 0.6 ND Grad Soft

Reference: NH305

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11 x 7£30.00

12 x 8£35.00

16 x 10.5£40.00

18 x 12£45.00