European Bison

European Bison

Highland Wildlife Park, Kingussie, Scotland - 14 February 2005

During a photographic visit to the Cairngorms I decided to go to the Highland Wildlife Park. Here you drive round the park in your car and can see wildlife such as red deer, European elk, Przewalski's hore, and the European bison.

Driving round the park you can get pretty close to the animals, allowing me to get a closeup portrait of this bison.

Although this photo looks good in colour, I feel it makes a good subject to convert to black and white, showing off the textures in the animals coat.

Focal length:700mm


Exposure time:1/60 sec


Reference: NH42

Size (inches)Price

7 x 11£30.00

8 x 12£35.00

10.5 x 16£40.00

12 x 18£45.00