Early Morning Rabbit

Early Morning Rabbit

Ferry Meadows Country Park, Peterborough - 29 May 2005

From the last week of April to early June 2005 I visited Ferry Meadows Country Parking on six mornings to photograph the rabbits.

With it being spring I knew there were going to be some young rabbits around, which always makes for a nice photograph, along with a very good chance of getting the ahh factor shot.

This youngster had just come out of its warren, and was therefore still a little weary.

The best way to photograph rabbits is to shoot from ground level. The legs of my Gitzo tripod are able to open wide, which allows me to lie on the ground with my camera to keep it stable.

Focal length:700mm


Exposure time:1/200 sec


Reference: NH68

Size (inches)Price

7 x 11£30.00

8 x 12£35.00

10.5 x 16£40.00

12 x 18£45.00