Young Rabbits - Is The Coast Clear?

Young Rabbits - Is The Coast Clear?

Ferry Meadows Country Park, Peterborough - 10 June 2005

From the last week of April to early June 2005 I visited Ferry Meadows Country Parking on six mornings to photograph the rabbits.

With it being spring I knew there were going to be some young rabbits around, which always makes for a nice photograph, along with a very good chance of getting the ahh factor shot.

When photographing the rabbits a lot of the time you will notice one comes out of the warren, then another will follow shortly after. Here I made the exposure just as the second rabbit popped its head out, with it almost looking like its asking the other if the coast is clear.

Focal length:500mm


Exposure time:1/100 sec


Reference: NH77

Size (inches)Price

11 x 7£30.00

12 x 8£35.00

16 x 10.5£40.00

18 x 12£45.00